Pledge to Humanity

Bobby’s 1st year of Charity work

Bobby watched a video on Youtube about donating toys to the Open Arms Mission. We asked him to fill a box with old toys that were in good shape. He filled his box and then asked for another. I had never been so proud of him.

We asked our friends if they would like to donate and had an overwhelming response.
Our kids loved the photos of their toys in the hands of these kids in need.

At Bobby’s 2012 Charity event the kids also made 10 sandwiches each for the local homeless shelter in Concord California. Bobby’s 30 friends made 300 sandwiches that day. Teaching kids Charity at an early age fills their hearts with compassion for others and builds wonderful human beings.

Bobby would like to tell you about the woman that helped him get started. Gaby Ghorbani runs Pledge To Humanity, she welcomed Bobby as a Junior member in 2012, she’s helped Bobby with every aspect of philanthropy.