Pledge to Humanity

Toys for Open Arms Mission in Mexico

Bobby and his friends like to donate the toys they have out grown to the Open Arms Mission in Mexico. We take photos of the toys journey so our kids get to see the happy faces as the children open our hand painted yellow cross boxes.

Children packing teddy bears

Teaching children charity at an early age

Parents are happy to have a charity where kids can participate and connect with children in need and the chilren are so excited to be involved. We hope to mold young minds and create a friendly relationship with law enforcement.

Teddy Bears in CHP 1st responder vehicles

Teddy Bears in CHP 1st responder vehicles

When children are separated from injured parents, the 1st responding officer is required to lock them in the backseat of the CHP vehicle while they secure the scene of the accident. These teddy bears provides comfort until the officer returns.